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Recalbox RGB JAMMA Single

Recalbox RGB JAMMA Single

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The Recalbox RGB JAMMA!

The complete kit (here) is also available to enjoy Recalbox in your bollard and everything you need to protect and cool your system!

Contains :

  • Recalbox RGB JAMMA

Recalbox RGB JAMMA is THE plug and play Recalbox solution for your JAMMA bollard.

  • Plug and Play ZERO CONFIG: just plug in and play!
  • 15kHz and 31Khz pixel and frequency perfect: display identical to the original
  • 0.5ms input lag: the lowest input lag ever recorded on RPi
  • 3/6 button mode: compatible with original or modified CHAMMA JAMMA standard
  • KickHarness CPS1 AND CPS2
  • 15-watt mono amplifier
  • Stereo JACK output
  • Raspberry Pi 5/4/400/3 compatible
  • TATE mode support
  • 40 mm fan slot
  • Start Button Patterns (special functions with start button + other buttons)
  • Voltage Barrier: 5v/12v compatible credit/service/test buttons
  • Video signal amplification for phenomenal image quality
  • Support for mechanical and electronic coin changers
  • Game Center mode: boot directly to the game of your choice
  • 4-player mode (on CPS2 kick harness)
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